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Pollok parkrun's fifth birthday cake.


Saturday, December 7th, 2013

I love parkruns, in fact I’m almost evangelical about them. I love: the community spirit; fact it’s a free race; the excitement of getting your time through via email and text on a Saturday evening; that everyone joins in, from four-year-olds to people going on 80 to dads with strollers; that parkruns take place every Saturday at 9am all over the country and the world, and wherever you’re visiting in the UK there’s always a parkrun nearby.

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New spikes.

Still Out (But When to Start Running Again?)

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

No running this week. Still injured. Received more shock therapy midweek from Jonny, the physio. 100 sit-ups, 15 curls, 15X2…

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Jonny physio effect

Heeeeeere’s Jonny!

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

As I stripped to my boxers to be pummelled by a man who clearly takes Crossfit (an already serious discipline) pretty seriously, I admit to some minor concerns for my safety.

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